Muhlisa Nazarova — Twitch Partner
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Muhlisa Nazarova (also known by her nickname, “Mimi”) is a Twitch partner, variety streamer, ASMR artist, cosplayer, and traveler based in New Jersey. Mimi began streaming for fun in autumn of 2021 with a relaxing tour of her apartment (mainly her refrigerator) and the introduction of her slightly energetic Shiba Inu, Yoshi. With her kind, welcoming spirit and spontaneous personality, she quickly made new friends to converse and share her interests with.

Over the span of just a few months, Mimi’s dedicated online community had grown with immense love and support, enjoying and engaging in her main activities such as chatting, dancing, gaming, ASMR, traveling, cooking, and celebrating the birthdays of her supporters by baking their favorite recipes while interacting with the community as a whole. Just four days into the start of the new year (2022), Mimi was accepted as a verified partner of Twitch.

Encouraging viewers to always be welcoming of one another, to stay positive, and to be supportive of others when and where possible, she spreads her love and positivity far and wide. Her community continues to welcome new members on a daily basis, and mirrors a fun, warm, and welcoming spirit with plenty of humor to go around. With the presence of such a contagious smile and heart melting aura, her channel isn’t just a place for entertainment, but feels like a peaceful and relaxing, yet energetic space for viewers to share their thoughts, feelings, accomplishments, losses, setbacks, puns, and jokes.

With ambitions to grow and travel more, Mimi has a desire to eventually offer more IRL content, and is open to new sponsorships to help support doing what she already loves to do while entertaining her growing community of dedicated viewers.
Have a business inquiry? Send an email. If interested, Mimi will get back to you as soon as possible. Please keep all emails to serious business inquiries only.